To calm the traddies

Those who know me know I have one foot in the door of “traditionalism” and one out. By that I mean that I am not an avid TLM fan. I prefer the older rite in theory, but the lack of active participation (which is both interior AND exterior) bothers me. Of course the Missal for the TLM doesn’t call for silent masses, it doesn’t call for little old ladies to look back and glare at me when I say the responses. It doesn’t call for people to say rosaries instead of following the Mass. While TLM’s are full of great interior particiation, it leaves me feeling dry. I come to Mass not for “me and Jesus time” but for time as a community to worship and adore our Lord. So the TLM would appeal to me alot more if there was the sort of active participation the original Liturgical Movement tried to bring about. Also the Vernacular for some of the prayers (and for the readings for God’s sake) would be of great help. The theology of the old Mass is wonderful, but in practice it is somewhat disappointing.

What I have found to be of great spiritual help is Benedict’s Reform of the Reform. The Novus Ordo in all the splendor that it can have. Noble vestments, wonderful chant, ad orientem, etc. This was how my wife and I had our wedding. So I too have been worried about our new pope’s liturgical choices. I think we should not fret too much though. None of his choices since he has been Pope have been problematic just a little less high church then we’d prefer. He is not going to outlaw TLMs or make everyone use giant puppets at Mass and frankly it seems clear to me that he is not opposed to traditional stuff, he just doesn’t prefer it. But even Pope Francis has been known to dawn a fiddleback chasuble (God knows why, even this quasi-traddie hates fiddlebacks, but never the less they have been identified with traditionalism).

Case in point:

Cardinal Borgoglio administering confirmation at St. Lawrence Outside the Walls in Rome in 2012

h/t: Deacon’s Bench

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