Good night Papa Bene

When I was studying in Rome for part of a summer in 2008 my classmates and I went to a Wednesday Audience. We were able to get seats near the aisle and I snapped some close up pictures of the pope.


Wednesday Audience June 18, 2008.         (C) Mitchell Palmquist

What I remember more fondly though is going as a group to get gelato on a few occasions at Old Bridge Gelato late in the evening just around the corner from St. Peter’s and then walking to St. Peter’s square to say good night to the Pope. Tonight we all get to say goodnight to Papa Bene one last time while he is Pope. What he is doing may be for the good of the church but it does not mean I will miss him any less.

Here are some really great comments from Tom McDonald on Benedict’s resignation and last few days. I think he is right, with Benedict’s resignation there goes one of the last great men of Europe. Good night Papa Bene.

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